Darcy Hershey Bar Mitzvah Photography

I'm smiling from ear to ear! My heart is so happy! Thank you so much for the incredible collection of photos that you captured of Dylan's Bar Mitzvah! I love that I have so much time to look, relook, and savor these moments!

Tracy Goldman Bar Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was wonderful to work with the day of my son’s Bar Mitzvah. She was very professional, creative and patient! The pictures were magnificent! The lighting was perfect! There were pictures of just about all of my guests who attended! I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional photographer for a special event. Thank you Mariana!

Sari Bercovich
ORT America
Graphic Design

Mariana is an exceptionally talented graphic designer. She is creative, flexible and works remarkably well under tight deadlines. It has been a pleasure to work with a designer of Mariana's caliber and I look forward to the opportunity to continue our work together in the future.

James Van Doreen
North Coast Community Homes
Corporate Photography

I cannot speak highly enough of Mariana. She is one of the best and most talented photographers I have ever hired or worked with. My team and I ran a major event, a first-time design competition (ZeroThreshold.org). Budgets were tight, but we still needed to deliver something spectacular. Part of that delivery meant having a photographer that could unobtrusively capture the experience of the event so we could continue to capitalize on the momentum for future projects. That meant planning, preparation, communication, and Excellent execution. Mariana did all that - and MORE. Mariana came and staked out the venue ahead of time. She had calls with me and my event planner. She asked about the goals. And she showed up early and stayed late! All for a very reasonable price. When my team and I received the pictures, we were flabbergasted. There was not a single bad picture. Nearly everything was stock footage quality. Additionally, she captured great moments. Her eye for composition and narrative is flawless. If you haven't worked with a lot of photographers, then you don't understand how rare that is. I would probably more accurately describe Mariana as an accomplished visual storyteller than simply a photographer. Lastly, Mariana was just pleasant to work with. It was an A+ experience from beginning to end. Yes, I realize this is highly effusive praise. Please, let me assure you, Mariana absolutely earned it. If you do not hire her, you are not hiring the best.

Jorey Beegun Bat Mitzvah Photography

Can't emphasize enough how amazing our experience with Mariana was. We initially did not plan on having a formal photographer (as lots of expenses with Bat/Bar Mitzvahs and family friend with knack for photography offered). We ended up changing our mind after a trusted resource strongly recommended her and the striking differences between what an amateur and a professional like her could do. And he was right! Hiring Mariana was BY FAR ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS we made one for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Her pictures were absolutely stunning. Creative, clear, gorgeous. My daughter was VERY eager for the pics and was ecstatic since her turn around time was MUCH faster than what her friends had with other vendors Perfect blend of formal portraits and shots of the events in action or quick special moments she was able to capture without anyone noticing she was there. She was a true joy to work with- warm, flexibility and 100% committed to the clients’ needs and preferences. Her style of working with teenagers was unto itself worth every penny. Her skills and style are exclusive to her, making her an absolute necessity for all our future family milestone celebrations! Strongly recommend her for your special events and/ or updated family pictures! CLE is lucky to have her services!

Andrea Rubin Bar Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was recommended to us by a number of people and she did not disappoint! She was fun and easy to work with, kept in contact with us leading up to our son's bar mitzvah and most important, she took fabulous photos. We have so many great pictures to choose from! If you are looking for a photographer, Mariana is a great choice!!

Lauren Senderoff Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was an absolute pleasure to work with for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah!  Not only did she take beautiful photographs, she put us all at ease that day with her delightful manner.  She captured the essence of our special event and we look forward to working with her again.

Lara Feldman Bat Mitzvah Photography

Thank you so much I felt like I was at the party! Just beautiful! You're a wonderful photographer!!

Heather Kramer Essex Digital Platform Graphic Design

I highly recommend Mariana Edelman for Graphic Design freelance work. She is very creative, timely, and completes projects autonomously! Rarely do I have more than one edit to her designs. Our technology firm has used her services on numerous occasions to produce sales and marketing materials, as well as holiday greetings. Professional, considerate, and talented! We love working with Mariana!

Michelle Burgess
Notavi Creative
Corporate Photography

Mariana was an amazing, easy-to-work with photographer that made the team feel comfortable for headshots and helped us create some great, candid action-team photos. And while we came to Mariana with ideas for the types of photos we wanted/needed, she offered ideas that made for some of the best and most natural photos. She's a pleasure to work with and will be using again!

Andre Moore Wedding Photography

Mariana was exceptional, patient, and professional, as well as humorous. I would definitely recommend Mariana for her services. She captures the perfect moments of the occasion!

Scott Matasar Graphic Design

Mariana is a very skilled graphic designer, both in hard copy and digitally. As a new enterprise, my law firm needed branded collateral, from marketing pieces to a custom PowerPoint template. Mariana was very responsive, came in on budget, and kept working until she had achieved a final product that fulfilled our vision. She is now our go-to supplier for our graphic design needs.

Mary Alice Casalina
Values in Action Foundation
Graphic Design

Mariana Edelman is a creative and dedicated professional. She is very responsible and highly dependable. Her work is completed on time and she gives great attention to detail.

Christine Galperin Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mariana Edelman did a wonderful job photographing my daughters Bat Mitzvah. The pictures were beyond beautiful and really embodied the feelings of the day. She was so easy to work with and I felt like she knew what pictures we needed/wanted and I didn’t have to tell her. She was fantastic!

Susan Sanders Bnai Mitzvah Photography

Mariana took photos for our son Gabriel’s Bar Mitzvah. First simcha for our family and she couldn’t have captured it in a more amazing way with her beautiful photos ! Can’t wait to see our finished album and be able to have wonderful memories for years to come . She will take photos for us next year as well for our daughter's Bat Mitzvah!

Mindi Axner
National Council of Jewish Women/Cleveland
Corporate Photography

We are most fortunate to be working with Mariana Edelman at National Council of Jewish Women/Cleveland. The photos are amazing and she knows the necessary shots for the events.

Marla Wolf Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was very easy to work with, throughout the bat mitzvah planning process, and afterwards. Her photography is stunning and she captured our special day better than I could have ever imagined. We met months before the event and her communication throughout the process is smooth and easy. I would not hesitate to recommend her for all parents planning B’nai Mitzvot.

Melissa Markowitz Bar Mitzvah Photography

I highly recommend Mariana Edelman Photography! The pictures she took of my son’s Bar Mitzvah service and party are stunning. She was able to capture all the emotion surrounding the event beautifully, both in posed portraits and candid photos. And her turn around time is incredibly quick. In addition, Mariana did our oldest daughter’s senior photos, which were also beautiful. Mariana is a wonderful photographer, and is very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Nate Vigil
Marcum LLP (formerly known as Skoda Minotti)
Corporate Photography

I have had the distinct pleasure to work with Mariana in two separate occasions. I have found Mariana to be extremely professional and an extremely talented photographer. My company continues to use Mariana for our corporate photography which includes portrait, environment and event photography. If you are looking for a talented and professional photographer you have come to the right place.

Stacey Buchner Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mariana knew exactly how to capture our special day. She was so nice and easy to work with. My kids loved her and the pictures turned out incredible! Without a doubt, will use her for our next daughters bat mitzvah!

Lisa Dickeroff Wedding Photography

Mariana was the photographer for our wedding at Acacia Reservation. She was so AMAZING! She’s super friendly and is a talented photographer. She’s flexible and goes with the flow! I wasn’t too picky on pictures or what type of pics we got I just let her do her thing and everything was just so great! She was on the dance floor with us dancing and taking pics! She seemed to always have one extra eye on Woody and I and then another on the crowd! She got a ton of candid photos which are the best. Since the wedding is now over we’ve become good friends and she and I are going to keep in touch! You should hire her for your wedding because she’s so fun and I could not have picked a better photographer!

Wendy Spitz Bat Mitzvah Photography

Amazing work —a true professional!!!

Shoshana Dessler
Mica's Wigs
Graphic Design

Mariana is fabulous!! Had the best experience working with her. I was on a very tight timetable and Mariana made it hailed. Absolutely thrilled!!

Regina Olbinsky Wedding Photography

We hired Mariana to be our wedding photographer. She did an amazing job throughout the process, from talking to us about our vision for the day, important people we wanted captured in various photos, and how the process would roll out.  The day of the wedding, she and her assistant were prompt, engaging, but at the same time, invisible.  Everything went beautifully – and the more than 2000 photos are proof of that.  In addition to doing the photography, we also hired Mariana to design our wedding album for us.  We are thrilled with the final book and the entire process. We would trust and recommend Mariana to beautifully capture all of life’s important milestones.

Stella Kaufman Photography

Mariana is very pleasant and easy to work with; she captured incredible moments with her lens that are not always noticed with the eyes. I would highly recommend her for any occasion she truly does a phenomenal job!

Travis Reynolds
Hartville Pet Insurance Group
Corporate Photography

Mariana was very professional and produced great results in the very high-quality photos we got from our executive photo shoot. She came to our office having never been here prior and quickly scouted a location to shoot. Her interaction with our executives helped keep them calm and look natural in the photos. Turn-around of the finished product was very quick. Overall, great experience.

Kaylen Thomason Wedding Photography

I love love love all the candid shots...they are exactly what we wanted! I can't believe how many great moments you caught. Thank you so much! I will be singing your praises to anyone needing a photographer!

Rita Basic Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness! You are too good to us! It was wonderful to see you and Steve and I were reminiscing about how for the last 3 summers you have been part of our growing family! Thank-you from all of us

Char Rapoport Nance
ORT Ohio Region
Graphic Design

I just finished my first design project with Mariana and all I can say is she is the real deal! She's a talented designer, who finds creative solutions for the work you need. To be totally honest, sometimes I make last-minute changes, multiple corrections, and add additional work to the scope of a project. Despite all that, Mariana was thoughtful, pleasant, professional and helped me laugh throughout our work together. She answered all my emails and phone calls faster than I would have expected, and everything she worked on was done more quickly than it was reasonable to expect. She is a genuine pleasure to work with -- perhaps even when I am not! Mariana is a consummate professional and a very talented designer. I will definitely use her for projects in the future, and encourage others to work with her, too.

Jenn Olsen Bar Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was very professional and took beautiful photos. She captured every important essence of our event. We would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Alyson Fieldman
Marcum LLP (formerly known as Skoda Minotti)
Corporate Photography

Mariana is our go-to corporate photographer. I've used her for portraits, environmental shots, and events. Working with Mariana is always a delight. She is both talented and easy to work with. And her rates are reasonable, too. I highly recommend Mariana if you're looking for a true professional!

Shannon Stovsky Bar Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was the most wonderful photographer. She was kind, friendly, fun, always on-time, promptly responded to emails (even though I don’t always!)!. The best part was her AMAZING photos! I am sad that this is my last bar/bat mitzvah- otherwise I would use her again and again!!! Though I have not seen any photos yet, I have a really great feeling.  My family LOVED working with you.  I thought you were professional, kind, patient, always on time, ALWAYs responded quickly with an email and generally awesome.  This was my 3rd mitzvah, 3rd photographer and by far favorite!! Just when I thought you were amazing, you went beyond!!!!  I know you must be exhausted.  the pictures are gorgeous!!  Thank you so much!!

Inga G. Bar Mitzvah Photography

Creative, amazing, sweet, punctual, patient..... too many qualities to list! Mariana is the best!

Woody Dickeroff Bar Mitzvah Photography

Let me tell you how lucky we are to have found Mariana! She took such wonderful care of us during our wedding day. Always asking what we wanted but also providing some really fun and innovative ideas for various pictures. Somehow she was able to get every shot, yet never seemed to be intrusive. The best thing with working with her was her caring nature. She is a wonderful photographer and amazing person. I would highly recommend her, you won’t regret it. Thank you Mariana for helping make our special day even more enjoyable by capturing the memories we made!

Miriam Smilovich Wedding Photography

She was an absolute pleasure to work with, did an excellent job, so professional and courteous. She went above and beyond and made our very special day even better. Thank you so very much.

Mark Williamson
Akron Public Schools
Corporate Photography and Graphic Design

Akron Public Schools (APS) has a diverse set of projects for any designer or photographer.  We have events, we have sensitive matters that need a photographer who is good with children and understands privacy issues. And, as with many clients, our needs often emerge quickly and with little warning.  Mariana is perfect for APS because of her attention to details---every detail!---and her ability to work quickly and with tremendous creativity.  We do quite a good amount of graphic design in a year and go through thousands of photographs annually.  We're excited to have added Mariana as an approved vendor of graphics services at Akron Public Schools.  

Char Rapoport Nance
ORT Ohio Region
Corporate Photography

We have used Mariana for design work in the past -- she was EXCELLENT and a joy to work with -- but our event this week was the first time we used her as a photographer. Once again, her work was excellent and it was a pleasure working with her. Our event was large and chaotic -- but Mariana made her way through the crowds unobtrusively to get all the shots we needed and many more that were truly a bonus. She has a delightful disposition, which is helpful for getting groups together to pose. She did both posed shots and candids -- the quality of each was truly outstanding in terms of the clarity of each image, the design of each shot and the vibrancy of each shot. Post-event, she got the images to us very quickly, and that was also very important to us. If you have the opportunity to work with her -- I can highly recommend her.

Marty Richmond
US Acute Care
Graphic Design

Mariana is an excellent designer, but excellent designers are a dime a dozen. What differentiates Mariana is two things that are more uncommon: First, she makes a point to understand your business, such that her designs fit like a glove; And second, there’s no fuss. She’s timely, responsive and does not argue “art for art’s sake.” Mariana is a great artist, but a solid business person first.

Molly George Wedding Photography

Mariana was such a joy to work with! Our session with her was so relaxed and we felt completely comfortable which helped us to get amazing engagement photos. She is not only incredibly professional, but she put such a loving touch into our photos. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out!

Vlada Feldman Wedding Photography

Mariana took pictures of my son's wedding two weekends ago. Beautiful pictures and a very professional and dedicated approach.

Sergio Garcia
Graphic Design

When NEOMED embarked on launching a comprehensive employee health and wellness initiative we quickly realized that a critical priority was creating eye-appealing brand that resonated with our organization's vision. Mariana quickly stepped in was able to ascertain where we wanted to go and provided a design and graphic solution based on her high-level of inquiry and creativity. The final product was embedded successfully and embraced by our internal and external community. Mariana is a pro among pros and we were delighted to have her on our Wellness @ NEOMED team.

Roizie Jacobs
Israel Medical Fund
Family Photography

Mariana was so easygoing and flexible to work with. You captured our kids personalities perfectly!! I couldn’t be more thrilled with our experience. Mariana was a pleasure, so patient and easy going and really went above and beyond to make out pics a success!

Robyn Caporossi Bat Mitzvah Photography

Mariana was great. She captured our amazing day, every piece of it. I highly recommend Mariana.

Nicole Penny Wedding Photography

Mariana was referred to me by two other regional photographers. I fell in love with her casual, catch the moment style. She didn't disappoint. I received my wedding pictures last night and she caught moments that I didn't even remember! My family and I were very comfortable working with her from her punctuality to her ability to make us all smile and have fun. I was very impressed with how professional and approachable she was.

Shana Edelstein Brit Milah Photography

Mariana is very professional and does a fantastic job. I heard of Mariana through a friend and I could not be happier with her services.The pictures came out so beautiful- they really captured the emotion of the event. Mariana delivered all the files in a timely fashion and honored the contract 100%. I am super happy with the end result and I will be hiring Mariana for future family events!